We Can't Wait to Accept Your Donation, but We Do Have a Couple Rules

We appreciate your donation more than you know—it literally keeps us going. But to make sure we stay efficient and legal, we have to ask:

Acceptable: Click HERE for a complete list.

Clothing & Shoes:

We accept all clothing and textiles items. Exception, no items that are wet or moldy, soiled with toxic, hazardous or flammable materials.


Household items:


Northwest Center participates in the Washington’s State E-cycle program. We accept them at our Puget Sound drop off locations.

Unacceptable Donations - Click HERE for a complete list.

Unfortunately, there are certain items we are unable to take for reasons of liability, health issues or disposal costs. Please remember that we can only accept re-usable and re-sellable items.


*Check out alternative solutions for items we don’t accept.

Non-profits incur expenses when recycling and disposing of non-working donations. Dropping off items we can’t use not only diverts funds away from our programs, it constitutes illegal dumping! That’s not good for you or for us. So please don’t leave unacceptable items at any drop-off location. Remember—you can find other places that will take items we can’t. We really appreciate your support.